We have extensive experience in the culture of freshwater and marine organisms, including micro-algae and penaeid prawns (shrimps). Our expertise includes the design and operation of culture systems, design of monitoring programmes, remote sensors, data acquisition, management and analyses, stock management, production management and diagnoses and treatment of diseases in the stock.

Some of our services are outlined below:

  • Design and operation of large - scale aquaculture systems (hatcheries and farms)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pathology studies (crustaceans, shellfish and fish)
  • Licensing of aquaculture systems and licence conditions compliance
  • Environment impact assessment of construction works.
  • Environment impact assessments for expansion and maintenance works
  • Monitoring of stocks and environmental parameters
  • Design of monitoring programmes
  • Water quality studies
  • Sediment quality assessment
  • Contaminated sediment treatment, management and disposal
  • Studies and management of planktonic populations
  • Benthic community studies and management
  • Fish & shellfish resources and fisheries assessments
  • Data management, analyses, interpretation and reporting
  • Environmental legislation and guidance