Daniel Bastreri BSc CSci CMarSci MIMarEST 


Daniel is an experienced project manager, and has successfully managed projects ranging from large-scale commercial marine aquaculture to marine data acquisition and assessment programmes in the UK. These include several marine aquaculture hatcheries, laboratories and farms in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Indonesia, the United Kingdom’s National Marine Monitoring Programme (NMMP) for the NE of England, an extensive review of EA’s consents to discharge affecting 30+ European Sites in the SE in England, the UK’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) monitoring programme of dredge disposal sites and a significant number of coastal and marine monitoring programmes in the UK and abroad.

A chartered scientist and chartered marine scientist, Daniel has twenty-seven years of continued professional experience, assessing human impacts in coastal, estuarine, marine and freshwater environments and industrial-scale marine aquaculture. He has worked with and for government organisations, local and national authorities, engineering companies, and developers, in marine licensing, providing evidence to meet the requirements of national and international environmental legislation. A former British Civil Servant, Daniel has over twelve years of experience in providing scientific evidence-based advice on human impacts in the marine environment, marine regulation and licensing to government organisations in the UK, including the Marine Management Organisation, Gloucestershire County Council and, the Planning Board (An Bord Pleanála) in the Republic of Ireland.

Daniel has specialist knowledge and experience in ecological data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, environmental impact assessments, the design of marine ecology surveys (water and sediment quality, plankton, benthos and fish), laboratory analyses (plankton), marine ecology and aquaculture. He is a trained expert witness and has participated in Public Examinations as an advisor of the Marine Management Organisation in England (Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm) and the An Bord Pleanála in Ireland (Port of Galway). He has been involved in the assessment of the impacts and/or licensing process of a significant number of National Infrastructure Development Projects (NSIPs), including the Thames Tideway Tunnel, ports and harbours (Thames Gateway, Dover, Harwich, Medway, Portsmouth, Southampton, Portland and Galway), offshore wind farms (Blyth, Thanet, Kentish Flats, Scroby Sands, London Array, Gunfleet, Westermost Rough, Rampion) and marine minerals extraction in the English Channel and the North Sea.

Since August 2019, Daniel has been working as Senior Manager in Environmental Governance for a large company based in the Middle East.

He is a member of the British Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists and Technicians (IMarEST) and the Thames Estuary Partnership since 2006.