The objective of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is for all water bodies to be at good status. This includes inland waters (rivers, lakes), estuaries and the marine environment up to 1 nautical mile out to sea. 

Most activities in marine, estuarine and inland waters need approval before they can go ahead. A WFD Assessment must be undertaken and provided as part of the licensing or authorisation process. This should allow the regulator to understand the impact that any specific activity may have in the water body and connected water bodies, and to determine compliance with their management plans (river basin management plan - RBMP). The WFD Assessment must ensure that any project or activity will not cause or contribute to deterioration of status or jeopardise the water body achieving good status. 

The environmental scientists in MPM Environment Consulting have wide experience in successfully undertaking WFD assessments and the development of guidance for the implementation of the WFD in the UK. Whilst there is some uncertainty on the future status of environmental legislation when the UK leaves the EU, there is a general consensus within the regulatory bodies and government that it is unlikely that UK law in the future (underpinned by Acts of Parliament) will deviate from the existing legal framework.   

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