Water and sediment quality studies in in Bali and Java (Indonesia) 

MPM Environment Consulting have been appointed by Pyramide Paramount Indonesia (PPI) to undertake a series of studies on water quality, sediment quality and biological processes in marine aquaculture farms in two different islands in the Indonesian archipelago.  These studies and our recommendations will be applied to improve management in these farms. MPM has also been appointed to assist on the design of another aquaculture farm and laboratory in Indonesia. This project started in February 2017 and it is currently ongoing.


Project for the construction of a new deep water harbour in Ireland: impact assessment and compensation measures

MPM Environment Consulting’s director, Daniel Bastreri, has been appointed as a consultant to the Irish Planning Board (An Bord Pleanála) on the assessment of compensatory measures proposed to mitigate the potential impacts of the construction of a new harbour on European Marine Sites in the Republic of Ireland. This work, which is the continuation of previous work undertaken by Daniel between 2014 and 2016 started in February 2017, and it is currently ongoing (December 2017).

Seawall re-construction works, Arundel (West Sussex, England, UK)

Assessment of the potential impacts of these construction works on the adjacent coastal and estuarine environment, to support an application for a Marine Licence to the Marine Management Organisation.

Water quality and ecology in Los Tuxtlas UNESCO Reserve, Mexico

Project for conservation of the Pacific ridley sea turtle in Oaxaca, Mexico

We are privileged to have an opportunity to work with local communities in Oaxaca (Mexico) on a conservation project to protect and manage the nesting grounds of the Pacific ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea). The Mexican population of the species is considered to be under threat, and whilst current conservation measures have brought significant reduction in the magnitude of impacts due to human activity, these conservation efforts would benefit from external experience. MPM Environment Consulting is working with local community organisations and NGOs in Oaxaca, to assist them in the design of an integrated scientific framework for the conservation of this species at local level.